Lenz to host virtual book club for ‘The Farm’

Lyz Lenz will lead a virtual book club to discuss The Farm by Joanne Ramos.

The book is this year’s pick for the One Community One Book program from the University of Iowa Center for Human Rights. Lenz writes that “It is a novel about race, power, class, and who is allowed the freedom to autonomy.”

Ramos will appear at the Iowa City Book Festival  on the UI campus at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 8, in Room C20 of the Pomerantz Center.

For the book club, Lenz will post a discussion question each Thursday starting Sept. 7 and ending Oct. 5. The questions will be available on the page for her Substack newsletter, “Men Yell At Me.” To learn more about the project and how to participate, visit https://lyz.substack.com/p/myam-book-club.