One Book Two Book’s Write Out Loud event to premiere at 1 p.m., Feb. 28

The Write Out Loud celebration of student writing, held virtually this year, will premiere on YouTube at 1 p.m. CST on Sunday, Feb. 28. The celebration is the highlight of this year’s annual One Book Two Book Children’s Literature Festival. Watch the presentation here.

The video features the grade-level winners in the One Book Two Book writing competition. Students in Corridor districts were encouraged to submit one page of original writing. Those submissions were evaluated by a team at ACT in Iowa City. In each grade, first through eighth, winners were selected in two categories. They are:

• The Write Stuff, which is judged based on language, clarity, structure, and emotional impact.
• From the Heart, judged based on creativity, passion, and expressiveness.

The students who will read are:

First Grade: Dustin Nguyen, Borlaug Elementary – The Write Stuff; Lake Spak, Mann Elementary – From the Heart.

Second Grade: Sophia Nguyen, Borlaug Elementary – The Write Stuff; Anjana Mathews, Wickham Elementary – From the Heart

Third Grade: Abigail Chen, Wickham Elementary – The Write Stuff; Lyan Hussein, Coralville Central Elementary – From the Heart

Fourth Grade: Olivia Rantanen, Willowwind School – The Write Stuff; Ezra O’Connor, Lemme Elementary – From the Heart

Fifth Grade: Mirka Punekar, Coralville Central Elementary – The Write Stuff; Maggie Nguyen, Borlaug Elementary – From the Heart

Sixth Grade: Leon Xie, Wickham Elementary – The Write Stuff; Adelaide Capps, Mann Elementary – From the Heart

Seventh Grade: Maxwell Brown, South East Junior High – The Write Stuff; Sienna Brown, South East Junior High – From the Heart

Eighth Grade: Luis Holanda Solano, Scattergood Friends – The Write Stuff; Claire Franzwa, North Central Junior High – From the Heart

In addition, honorable mention students were selected, and will be recognized as part of the program:

Second graders Nate Cwiertny , Weber Elementary; and Inaaya Ali,Wickham Elementary
Third grader Amara Pfeifer, Wickham Elementary.
Fourth grader Cora Beland, Coralville Central Elementary.
Fifth grader Anaya Patill, Penn Elementary.
Sixth graders Hattie Galloway, Hoover Elementary; and Ben Haines, Lincoln Elementary.
Seventh grader Katelyn Wu, Clear Creek Amana Middle School.
Eighth grader Anora Klauke, South East Junior High.

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