One Book Two Book winners selected

The Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature organization’s annual One Book Two Book Children’s Literature Festival will recognize the creative excellence of more than 80 area students over the course of the three-day festival, Feb. 23-25.

The festival begins Friday, Feb. 23, with the “Once Upon a Time” banquet. One student from each of 22 participating Iowa City-area elementary schools has been selected to read a piece of original writing at the dinner. These students, selected by ACT in Iowa City, are:

The festival’s final day, Sunday, Feb. 25, features the annual “Write Out Loud!” event, 1-3 p.m. in the auditorium in the University of Iowa’s Macbride Hall. The event is free and open to the public. Students in Corridor districts were encouraged to submit one page of original writing. More than 800 students answered the call. Those submissions were evaluated by a team at ACT in Iowa City, and the best of these were singled out for recognition.

In each grade, first through eighth, winners were selected in two categories. They are:

  • The Write Stuff, which is judged based on language, clarity, structure, and emotional impact.
  • From the Heart, judged based on creativity, passion, and expressiveness.

 These winning students are:













In addition, the ACT team identified students in each grade whose writing was deemed worthy of honorable mention. These students also will be recognized as part of the Feb. 25 event, which is free and open to the public. The students are (grade/name/school):

1          Cora Beland            Coralville Central
1          Wren Brodersen     Coralville Central
1          Maryn Markle         Horn
2          Anaya Patil             Coralville Central
2          Zoe Addis                Lincoln
2          Genevieve Lally      Lincoln
3          Elie Wilson             Garner
3          Kushal Kanuparthi      Horn
3          Alaina Hoffman       Van Allen
3          Sophie Brown          Weber
4          Shanza Sami            Borlaug
4          Savannah Page        Garner
4          Sylvia Broffitt          Horn
4          Kaily Tosino             Lemme
4          Adelaide Newton    Lincoln
4          Daniel Kenyon        Lucas
4          Rachel Mundt         North Bend
4          Evaleena Jessica Kabarnacius   Van Allen
4          Mariah Bruening     Weber
4          Caroline Vander Weg   Wickham
5          Dania Hussein          Coralville Central
5          Butali Butali              Kirkwood
5          Eleanor Decker         Horace Mann
5          Jen Tran                     Lucas
5          Fin Lemke                  Twain
5          Owen Ruth                Twain
5          Reese Andersen        Van Allen
5          Ava Bruxvoort           Wickham
5          Vera Tanas                 Wickham
5          Charlotte Delowery  Willowwind
5          Luis Solano De Almeida  Willowwind
6         Hannah Holdaway     Coralville Central
6          Jayden Khamphilanouvong   Garner
6          Zoe Smith                  Horn
6          Eviann Smith           Lemme
6          Leela Strand             Lincoln
6          Fiona Arnold            Longfellow
6          Aiden Gillespie        Penn
6          Harley Peck              Twain
7          Marcus Brintle         North Central Jr High
7          Abby Stableton        North Central Jr High
8          Ferguson Ward       South East Jr High
8          Jessica Cline            Franklin Middle School
8          Isaiah Haveman      Homeschool
8          Sonja Bloeser          North Central
8          Samuel Torkelson  West Branch Middle School

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