New community reading project:
50 Days of Paradise Lost

After successfully completing our 100 Days of Decameron project in July, the City of Literature now turns to an epic poem with “50 Days of Paradise Lost. The project will again be led by Anna Barker, an assistant adjunct professor at the University of Iowa, and a member of the City of Literature board of directors. Beginning Sept. 1, Anna will lead participants through this 10,000 line poem over the course of 50 days.

For each of the 12 books, Anna will write an introduction, which can be found on our Paradise Lost page. In addition, she will provide daily Facebook posts on the history, politics, art, literature and Milton’s personal life experiences that inspired the creation of the poem.

Anna will be using the Norton Critical Edition of the book, but any edition will do. To get started, read her introduction, join the Facebook group, and then start reading. See you Sept. 1!

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One Response to “New community reading project:
50 Days of Paradise Lost

  1. barbara eckstein says:

    Hi Anna,

    I had thought to read Paradise Lost along with you but I see the means of communication is Facebook. I’m not a Facebook fan. Is that the only option? If so, that’s cool. But I’ll have to opt out of the group.