Little Free Library Map and Bike Adventure in the South District Neighborhood

The South District of Iowa City has created a Little Free Library map and bicycle adventure!

  • Use this map of the South District of Iowa City to help navigate your way to Little Free Libraries in this area.
  • Bike to Books: A Little Free Library Adventure invites participants to discover new places to bike and to visit little free libraries throughout the South District Neighborhood in Iowa City. Little Free Library (LFL) is the world’s largest book sharing movement. The idea is you can borrow a book and leave books in the library structures throughout the world! It builds community, sparks creativity and inspires engagement. This Bike to Books encourages active living as it joins forces with the South District Neighborhood Association, Iowa City Biking Community, and the City of Iowa City.

Learn more about Little Free Libraries, including funding opportunities or build and maintain your own, at out Little Free Library Resource Page.

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