International Opportunities for Writers

Upcoming Opportunities

Tartu City of Literature International Residency Program

Where: Tartu, Estonia

When: April-May, and October-November

Who: Published writers and translators

Applications due: February 21, 2020


2020 Bucheon residency

Where: Bucheon, South Korea

When: 4-6 weeks in July-August, 2020

Who: Writers, translators, and cartoonists of comics and graphic novels from Creative Cities of any creative field. 

Application due: February 28, 2020




Krakow International Residency Program, 2020

Where: Krakow, Poland

When: May-June, 2020 and September-October, 2020

Who: Any emerging writer or poet with a connection to any UNESCO City of Literaure.

Applications due: February 29, 2020

Writer in the Park Literary Residency, Ljubljana

Where: Ljubljana, Slovenia

When: May and November, 2020 (one month per residency/applicant)

Who: Published writers with a palpable, factual relation with any of the other UNESCO Cities of Literature.

Applications due: February 29, 2020

Reykjavik Gröndal‘s House Residency 

Where: Gröndal‘s House, Reykjavik, Iceland

When: October 1-31, 2020

Who: Writers from or with strong ties to any of the other 38 UNESCO Cities of Literature. The applicant must have published at least one work of fiction for children or teenagers (poetry, prose, play, or screenwriting). Writers of all ages, gender, nationalities and languages can apply as long as the affiliation with a UNESCO City of Literature is strong.

Applications due:  March 1, 2020

Laimun Residency

Where: Villacidro, Italy

When: Spring session: 3 weeks in May/June

Fall session: 3 weeks in September/October

Who: Candidates of any nationality. Members of the LGBTQ+ community, second generation Italians, and persons of linguistic and cultural minorities encouraged to apply.

Applications due: Spring session: March 15, 2020

Fall session: August 15, 2020

Lviv Translation Workshop

Where: Lviv, Ukraine

When: May 30-June 8, 2020

Who: Advanced or emerging literary translators from a UNESCO City of Literature

Applications due: March 20, 2020


International Literary Residency, Ulyanovsk

Where: Ulyanovsk, Russia

When: September 1-30, 2020

Who: Writers and artists from the UNESCO Cities of Literature Network

Applications due: April 30, 2020







Ongoing Opportunities


Faber, Residència d’Arts, Ciències i Humanitats de Catalunya a Olot

Faber offers working stays and exchanges for creative people, researchers and professionals in different areas, for scientists, writers, researchers, writers, artists, humanists, musicians, etc. Our residents have the best working conditions and an environment to accompany their projects. In Faber, there are eight spacious rooms, designed to provide comfortable working conditions. There are also several common areas where the residents will be able to exchange their experiences with each other, with the public and with institutions. The Residency is a space open to people from all over the world. Faber will take care of the residents’ stay, providing accommodation, half-board (breakfast and dinner) and a fully-equipped kitchen in case the residents would like to prepare their own lunch. Faber does not cover any travel costs. There is no per diem.

The Faber Residency is open to all disciplines related to arts, sciences, and humanities. It is offered six times per year, for four-week periods. Faber organizes several thematic residencies throughout the year where professionals from the Arts, Sciences or Humanities can come to spend a few days working on their projects and sharing experiences with the rest of the residents. During the stay, the residents collaborate in activities directed to students, professionals or public in general; activities in accordance with a project that will take into account previous demands and needs. Check the website for dates.

Organized by Ajuntament d’Olot (Olot City Hall) and Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government)

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Jiwar Creació i Societat

Jiwar has a special interest in receiving non-occidental writers and artists, as well as artists in danger or requesting political asylum because of dangerous situations in their countries of origin. Live and work in a comfortable space. Artists need to provide their own economical resources or grants, which Jiwar can help to obtain by writing letters of support or welcoming. During the stay of the artist, Jiwar offers to accompany the creative process and is able to organize once a month presentation of the work in progress. No meals or per diem are included.

Organized by Mireia Estrada Gelabert

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The Writers’ Residence in Gunnarshús

Open to visiting writers or translators, this program offers a flat in Gunnarshús – the Writers’ House in Reykjavík rented for a minimal fee, for a period of 1-8 weeks.

Organized by Writers’ Union of Iceland

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The Robert Burns Fellowship

The Fellowship provides an office in the English Department and not less than the minimum salary of a full-time university lecturer, for one year. It is open to writers of poetry, drama, fiction, biography, autobiography, essays or literary criticism who are normally resident in New Zealand, and who, in the opinion of the Selection Committee, have established by their published work, or otherwise, that their writing would benefit from their holding the Fellowship.

Application open March-June

Organized by Division of Humanities, University of Otago

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The University of Otago College of Education/Creative New Zealand Children’s Writer in Residence

Remuneration of $28,000 is jointly funded by the University and Creative New Zealand and includes an office in the College. The 6-month residency is offered in association with the Robert Lord Writers’ Cottage Trust which provides rent-free accommodation to writers in the historic Titan Street cottage bequeathed by the late playwright Robert Lord. The Residency is open to established children’s writers who are normally resident in New Zealand.

Organized by Division of Humanities, University of Otago

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The University Book Shop and Robert Lord Writers’ Cottage Trust Summer Writer in Residence

The Residency is offered in association with the Robert Lord Writers’ Cottage Trust which provides rent-free accommodation to writers in the historic Titan Street cottage bequeathed by the late playwright Robert Lord. The 6-week residency offers a stipend, and an office and administration base at the University Book Shop. The recipient will be an emerging writer in any genre who, in the opinion of the University Book Shop Summer Writer in Residence Advisory Group, has established, by their published work or otherwise, that their writing would benefit from the Residency.

Organized by The University Book Shop and Robert Lord Writers’ Cottage Trust

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The Caselberg Trust Creative Connections Residency

The Caselberg Trust, Dunedin, New Zealand, invites writers, composers, visual and performing artists to complete their creative projects in a harbourside cottage, situated on the Otago Peninsula, a well known haven of creativity and inspiration for many artists. Residencies can be funded or self-funded/sponsored. 

The Caselberg Trust’s ‘Creative Connections’ Residency support projects that reach out and make links across a variety of creative media, professional disciplines, and communities relevant to the planned project. Applicants must be able to demonstrate their ability to engage in a creative project and processes, to collaborate effectively with creative media, and with communities relevant to their identified project. The residency is 3 months. 

Organized by The Caselberg Trust

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The Visegrad Literary Residency Program

The Visegrad Literary Residency Program, established 2012 by the International Visegrad Fund, consists of a series of residency stays and literary events addressed to writers of fiction and non-fiction, poets, essayists, critics as well as literary translators, publicists and journalists from the Visegrad Countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia). The program lasts for 6 weeks.

The recruitment process of 32 grantees of the Program (8 from the Czech Republic, 8 from Hungary, 8 from Poland and 8 Slovakia) will be based on individual applications submitted via an online application form, which will be opened on the website of the Villa Decius Association. For more about criteria and implementation of residential stays, please look at Application and Criteria.
The residences will be assigned to applicants in a 3 stage selection process by a national and international Selection Panel on the basis of proportional and equal involvement of Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Slovak residents and Host Institutions.

Organized by Villa Decius Association

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Fellowships Programme for International Visitors

The University of Edinburgh’s Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH) was established in 1969 to promote interdisciplinary research in the arts, humanities and social sciences. It provides an international, interdisciplinary and autonomous space for discussion and debate. Since its foundation more than 1000 scholars from 66 countries have held Institute fellowships; and up to 28 Fellows are in residence at any one time. Housed in a secluded 18th-century courtyard overlooking the Meadows, the Institute is adjacent to most centres of University activity. 

Organized by The University of Edinburgh’s Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH)

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