Public Space One partners on printmaking project

Public Space One and Zenzic Press have partnered on a new project to provide Iowa City with community print making facilities.  The Project, ps·z, is a workspace in the basement of the Wesley House that hosts private and communal art studios, a kitchen, and a community print shop, Zenzic Press.  Zenzic Press aims to provide space, equipment, and knowledge for anyone interested in exploring the methods of printmaking.  The goal is to establish accessible user-friendly printmaking facilities that will accommodate the traditional techniques of Intaglio, Relief, Silkscreen, and Letterpress and address non-traditional questions of a cross-disciplinary experimental practice.

The organization is raising funds through Kickstarter. It seeks raise $10,000 to buy an etching press and the equipment necessary to offer an accessible print studio. For more information, click here.  For more information about ps·z, please visit

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