Our Decameron community reading project continues – join us!

Have you been keeping up with The Decameron? If so, we’re up to the Fourth Day of stories. Jump right to Anna Barker’s introduction to the Fourth Day here.

If you are new to the project, there still is plenty of time. You can join us on the Fourth Day, or catch up from the beginning. The stories are short and entertaining, and in no time you’ll be caught up and reading along with the rest of us.

If you do want to begin, please read the overall introduction to the project here. This gives you context about Boccaccio’s book, and lays out the process for the reading schedule.

Wherever you are in the book, you should participate in the online conversations taking place. There are many ways to join the discussion. If you use Twitter, you can follow along and contribute using the hashtag #100DaysofDecameron. On Facebook, join our 100 Days of Decameron Facebook Group. If you are not a social media user, you can join our Decameron Discussion Board here on our website. These are a great way to share your thoughts, learn a bit more about the stories, and hear what others are thinking about the stories we read.


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