One Book Two Book student writing winners selected

The Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature organization’s annual One Book Two Book Children’s Literature Festival will recognize the creative excellence of more than 150 area students over the course of the three-day festival, Feb. 26-28.

The festival begins Friday, Feb. 26, with the “Once Upon a Time” banquet. One student from each of 22 participating Iowa City-area elementary schools has been selected to read a piece of original writing at the dinner. The dinner is sponsored by Terry Lockridge  & Dunn/WorldTrend Financial. These students, selected by Pearson in Iowa City, are:

Student, school, grade

Malia Snyder Alexander 4
Sarah Bunyan Borlaug 6
Francis Mwanda Central 5
Keira McKnight Garner 4
Mesarah Hnesh Hills 6
Ella Sherlock Hoover 5
Leila Afifi Horn 6
Jaden Green Kirkwood 6
Darren Randall Lemme 5
Heidi Du Lincoln 5
Jocelyn Harte Longfellow 6
Kale Clark Lucas 6
Greta Stanier Mann 5
Michelle Babcock Penn 4
Natalie Franklin Regina 6
Eleanor Ziehr Shimek 3
Ivy Aijala-Wardell Twain 6
Adam Schultz Van Allen 4
Lydia Evans Weber 2
Raina Pfeifer Wickham 6
Lochlan Krupa Willowwind 6
Tyler Daniels Wood 6

The festival’s final day, Sunday, Feb. 28, features the annual “Write Out Loud!” event, 1-3 p.m. in the auditorium in the University of Iowa’s Macbride Hall. The event is free and open to the public. Students in Corridor districts were encouraged to submit one page of original writing. More than 800 students answered the call. Those submissions were evaluated by a team at Pearson in Iowa City, and the best of these were singled out for recognition.

In each grade, first through eighth, winners were selected in two categories. They are:

  • The Write Stuff, which is judged based on language, clarity, structure, and emotional impact.
  • From the Heart, judged based on creativity, passion, and expressiveness.

These winning students are:

Grade, “The Write Stuff” Winner, school
1 Zaid Aldoss, Van Allen
2 Praneel Rastogi, Wickham
3 Mason Johnson, Lincoln
4 Ginger McCartney, Willowwind
5 Abby McNeely, Garner
6 Kiva Meeks-Mosley, Wood
7 Badra Kalil, Northwest
8 Lila Terry, North Central

Grade “From the Heart” Winner, school
1 Charvi Deorah, Lincoln
2 Hazen Addis, Lincoln
3 Ava Bruxvoort, Wickham
4 Livian LaVine, Lincoln
5 Deborah Turner, Twain
6 Katie Tippet, Penn
7 Fareeha Ahmad, North Central
8 Ingrid Gingerich, Heritage Christian School

In addition, the Pearson team identified students in each grade whose writing was deemed worthy of honorable mention, roughly the top 10 percent of submissions. These 121 students will be recognized as part of the Feb. 28 event, which is free and open to the public. The students are (school/name/grade):

Borlaug Shanza Sami 2
Borlaug Landon Waddilove 2
Borlaug Richard Yang 3
Borlaug Nya Bunyan 3
Borlaug Cindy Wang 4
Borlaug Andreas Warren 4
Coralville Central Ella Scott 5
Garner Layla Langseth 2
Garner Liv Slaughter 2
Garner Savannah Page 2
Garner Lillian Steffens 3
Garner Ivy Reske 3
Garner Anna Prieskorn 4
Garner Olivia See 4
Garner Tye Miller 5
Garner Krista Olson 5
Garner Christian Melessa 5
Heritage Christian School Malinee Mezhir 3
Hills Tamiah Teran 5
Hoover Xuan Liu 3
Hoover Ruth Meehan 6
Horn Aidan O’Leary 1
Horn Henry Lu 3
Horn Katy Ham 4
Kirkwood Warren Faga 4
Kirkwood Jeremy Myers 4
Kirkwood Charlotte Windmill 5
Lemme Kenzie Randall 3
Lemme Tate Williams 4
Lemme Hakim Issan 5
Lincoln Izzy Brown 1
Lincoln Lillian Rantanen 2
Lincoln Adelaide Newton 2
Lincoln Anisa Kalil 2
Lincoln Emily Phillips 3
Lincoln Anna Song 3
Lincoln Avery Provorse 4
Lincoln Sigrid Rossi 4
Lincoln Sadie Wallace 4
Lincoln Lucia Allgood 4
Lincoln Ava Rose Turek 4
Lincoln Estella Newton 6
Longfellow Claire Locher 2
Longfellow Lydia Pritchard 4
Longfellow Fiona Arnold 4
Longfellow Jackson Chard-Cuda 4
Longfellow Eliza Woodard 4
Longfellow Ben Platte 4
Longfellow Luke Locher 4
Longfellow Ferguson Ward 6
Longfellow Maria Volkman 6
Longfellow Sullivan Hall 6
Longfellow L’Engle Charis-Carlson 6
Lucas Ellie Galloway 3
Lucas Colin Ruan 3
Lucas Lila Tallman 4
Lucas Emily Ortiz 4
Lucas Katy Harmsen 4
Lucas Saige Dickerson 6
Mann Conner Stanton 2
Mann Erin Partridge 4
Mann Iris Williams 4
North Central JH Kayla Wright 7
North Central JH Natalie Kaiser 7
North Central JH Henry Krain 8
North Central JH Courtney Olson 8
Northwest JH Alexandra Carlon 7
Northwest JH Uriel Campos-Padilla 7
Northwest JH Divya Shyamal 7
Northwest JH Brady Gromacki 7
Northwest JH Reece Yang 7
Northwest JH Natalie Young 8
Northwest JH Maia DeGrazia 8
Northwest JH Emir Abdagic 8
Penn Adeline Goeken 3
Penn Molly Krogh 3
Penn Mia Edlemon 3
Penn Karsten Triggs 3
Penn Kate Dominy 4
Penn Gabe Clark 4
Penn Finn Benest 4
Penn Cole Kerns 4
Penn Adrianna Dunlevy 4
Penn Bennett Tauke 4
Penn Aiden Gillespie 4
Penn Sarah Waul 6
Penn Aidan Stoddard 6
Penn Tyler Moores 6
Penn Ethan Keeney 6
Prairie Creek Sage Slessor 5
Regina Lily Nibaur 1
Regina Grace Gavin 4
Regina Sara Comer 4
Regina Victoria Aragon 6
Shimek James Meggitt 4
Shimek Anna Mattson 5
Southeast JH Alexandra Poremba 7
Southeast JH Reese Hill 8
St. Matthew Frances DeBoom 4
St. Matthew Tom Giorgio 5
Twain Owen Ruth 3
Twain Riona Ayers 3
Twain Timothy Cline 4
Van Allen Jaelyn Perry 3
Van Allen Cori Mac 4
Van Allen Marrin Zwanziger 4
Weber Asher Overholt 5
Weber Caroline Mascardo 6
Weber Zoe Nolte 6
Weber Isaac Fletcher 6
Wickham Austin Ji 1
Wickham Caroline Vander Weg 2
Wickham Anjali Lodh 3
Wickham Vera Tanas 3
Wickham Elisabeth Bird 5
Willowwind Ella Pressler 1
Willowwind Mira Cunning 2
Willowwind Kaden Huntley 3
Willowwind Rayne Foley 4
Willowwind Ankur Karandikar 4
Willowwind Rosie Terry 4


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