Mission Creek literary events

The eighth annual Mission Creek Festival has announced its full slate of literary events alongside the full lineup of musicians and artists performing from April 2nd to 7th, 2013.  This year, the literary lineup includes more than eighteen events, a small press and literary magazine book fair, two writers-in-residence, a lit crawl, poetry rock show, and a spoken word performance straight from LA and NYC. In all, over 80 authors and 40 presses and magazines will participate, including authors Aleksandar Hemon, Roxane Gay, Cornelius Eady, Patricia Smith, Beau Sia, Matt Hart, Mary Jo Bang, Amelia Gray, Lara Glenum, Matt Bell, Aase Berg, Johannes Göransson, Janaka Stucky, Feng Sun Chen, Rauan Klassnik, Susanne Scanlon, Jac Jemc, Jensen Beach, Eleni Sikelianos, Rachel McKibbens, Eileen Pollack, and many more writers from Iowa City, the Midwest, and across the country.

For more, check out the festival’s website at: http://www.missionfreak.com/

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