Board of Directors

Mission statement: The City of Literature works to advance its mission of celebrating and supporting literature on a local, regional, national, and international level, connecting readers and writers through the power of story.

President, Jim Conard – West Bank
Vice President, Alison Ames Galstad – Coralville Public Library
Treasurer, Janelle Rettig – Johnson County Board of Supervisors
Secretary, Elizabeth Schott  – Community Volunteer
Past President, Eileen Johnson – Pearson
Ellen Buchanan – Community volunteer
Rockne Cole – City Council of Iowa City
Susan Craig – Iowa City Public Library
John Culshaw – University of Iowa Libraries
Hugh Ferrer – University of Iowa International Writing Program
Wendy Ford – City of Iowa City
Jennie Garner – North Liberty Community Library
Laurie Haman – Iowa City/Coralville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau
Jim Hayes – Hayes Lorenzen Lawyers PLC
Eileen Johnson – Pearson
Kelly Hayworth – City of Coralville
Ana Merino – University of Iowa
Forrest Meyer – ACT
Andre Perry – The Englert Theatre
Amanda West – Seed Here Studio
Rachel Yoder – Iowa Youth Writing Project